About us

Antidoto28 is an underground project created in Barcelona in 2007 by the Argentinian designer, artist and activist Carlos D. Canillas Robla.
Our philosophy is the result of the combination of our life style with Arts and Crafts. We make fashion, graphics and music.

Our clothes represent an alternative for a restless youth who wants to stand out from the rest, creating their own identity. With a futuristic and post-industrial aesthetic in which gothic, punk and raver reminiscences are combined.

We are a totally independent project and we do not owe answers to anyone.
We do not receive aid, subsidies or money from the government, or from anyone.
We have achieved everything because we believe in ourselves.
We are a channel of expression, we are a channel of cosmic energy.

We are:
Carlos D. Canillas Robla.
Founder,  Art Director. 
info@antidoto28.com / tel: +34-672964177.
Sabrina Villalba
Store Manager
Diogo Maymone
Screen printer
Antidoto28 Studio Store
Ferlandina 53, Raval area, cp.08001 Barcelona, España.
+34 - 931247744, e-mail: info@antidoto28.com


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